@celia I hadn't seen this! I'll give this a go, much appreciated!

Admins of the Fediverse! I'm running out of disk space on the rented VM my Mastodon instance is hosted upon - how could I get rid of some of the older cruft?? Any advice greatly appreciated!

Ever try to run a backup that takes about a week…on a server that seems to crash every three days? So frustrating. USB3 might be fast…but it ain’t 13TB of data I want to transfer NOW fast.

Down to my last 500gb on my backup server so trying to prep for a storage upgrade. Not happy about the second weekend in a row I have to work on it. think that the moment you cross about 4tb or data it stops being a hobby and becomes a part time job.


I’m messing about with different options for updating my Kodi setup. Plex integration is a bit of a headache - the official Kodi Plex plugin hasn’t been updated in a long time. Enter…PlexKodiConnect. I’m just experimenting at the moment, but I think this has huge potential- it makes my media look so beautiful!


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@nolan Just reread your post properly - You could have a crack with sintered brake pads, but it’s likely that’s what you have on already. You could try just riding somewhere super sterile :p


@nolan No worries! Likely to be mechanical if it’s a more economically priced bike…in which case they can be temperamental screaming banshees. Lots of guides say just slacken off the bolts, squeeze the brakes and tighten them…this ignores the need for micro adjustments. Personally I’d say get a bike shop to do a basic adjustment and then just regularly give some micro adjustments. I never completely manage to dial squeal out, often depends on weather, bike load etc.


@nolan Mechanical or Hydraulic?

@rmdes you could try Pushl- I give it my site RSS feed and it sends mentions to any urls it finds. I have a cronjob running it every 5mins. I wrote about it here- cshire.xyz/pushl-and-brid.gy-i

@zerok 18 days for a keyboard repair??!! I think I miss the days when Apple had to work for business with great support and service- almost every experience I’ve had with them over the past five to ten years has been miserable. Getting support just feels so inflexible and corporate now and few repair centres do a good job of representing the brand.

@pcrock TP-Link HS110 controlled through Home Assistant, with the server set to auto power-on after a power outage. Normally it’s on a sealed-off iOT VLAN, but I open a connection in my firewall to the plug if I’m going to be away for weeks at a time. I think Linus tech tips did a video a while back looking at different solutions to this exact problem.

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@chance I bought Toot! and Mast. For me, Toot! is far superior.

Is it just me, or is Brid.gy acting up at the moment? All the posts I've published today have totally failed to POSSE out to Mastodon...I've re-enabled my Mastodon account in the service but still no dice. It could be because of the templates I've been making for syndication of notes and blog posts recently, but I guess it's a problem to look into and try and solve later. cshire.xyz/2020/07/31/2020-07-

It took several days, but I finally wrestled a Broadlink IR sensor into Home Assistant. In an effort to actually write some documentation of projects I noted my process in a post. Maybe it'll help someone...likely it'll just be for me when I inevitably try to remember what I did in the future! cshire.xyz/importing-a-broadli

@rmdes If you’re including enabled blogs, by all means include mine! cshire.xyz

@rmdes Pretty general at the moment, I’ve got a couple of hundred feeds in categories, but I’m always looking for more! I want to move away from things like reddit for aggregation so always looking for interesting things. I know a lot of people have blogrolls on their blogs which is super helpful! I know @kev stuck his OPML file on GitHub as well, which I think is an awesome idea.

I’m looking for more things to feed my feed reader! Has anyone got any suggestions? Or little personal tips and tricks people are using RSS for? Interested to hear!

@celia hmm, not sure if the /etc/hosts entries will recognise ports, that does sound like a job for a reverse proxy… if you’re trying to connect to a docker container, could you just map a different external port to connect to the internal service running in the container? docs.docker.com/config/contain Otherwise it might be reverse proxy time…

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