Day 18 without a laptop due to that stupid butterfly keyboard issue in various MBPs. I wonder if the supply chain is just jammed or that my service partner has a too long backlog. 18 days for replacing a keyboard is a tad bit long…

Another call at the repair service and they tell me the same as last week: mid next week… next time I take a train to Vienna to go directly to the Apple store there 🤬

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@zerok 18 days for a keyboard repair??!! I think I miss the days when Apple had to work for business with great support and service- almost every experience I’ve had with them over the past five to ten years has been miserable. Getting support just feels so inflexible and corporate now and few repair centres do a good job of representing the brand.

@chris with Apple themselves I had only good experience so far but sadly not so much with official service partners esp. after they had to keep the device for the whole period between making the assessment to completing the repair. Train to Vienna next time 😤

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