I’m looking for more things to feed my feed reader! Has anyone got any suggestions? Or little personal tips and tricks people are using RSS for? Interested to hear!

What's your interest field?
I think there is a whole load of experience & discovery & healthy innovation to do around the idea of sharing sources between RSS instances I'm a big RSS fan & been using it since 2003 now, so I have a quite a bunch of identities, each handling their own collection of feeds, that's how I keep up with different topics without being overwhelmed by the noise/signal ratio..

@rmdes Pretty general at the moment, I’ve got a couple of hundred feeds in categories, but I’m always looking for more! I want to move away from things like reddit for aggregation so always looking for interesting things. I know a lot of people have blogrolls on their blogs which is super helpful! I know @kev stuck his OPML file on GitHub as well, which I think is an awesome idea.

I'm doing a new OPML with only #Indieweb enabled blogs, another for #ActivityPub people, it's far from finished but I will publish them once they have more sources.
Over the years I noticed that beyond more or less 300 sources, the stream becomes bloated & instead of finding things you can learn, read, adopt etc.. You end up scrolling junk.. To avoid this, one good trick is to have different categories & have some @kev - 1/2

for potential noisy sources (reddit, hn, medium) and configure your reader to avoid putting these noisy source in your main stream, that has been helpful over the years..
I'm using FreshRSS with mobile app FeedMe but was a long time user of Inoreader until I went back to Self-hosted :)
@kev @chris - 2/2


@rmdes If you’re including enabled blogs, by all means include mine! cshire.xyz

@chris definitely will! Those that I'm collecting will be added to my WordPress indieweb blog/Yarn Micropub , so that I can test Microsub & native interactions with other indieweb blogs from the Indigenous mobile app, all from within my blog (no external RSS reader required)

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