Does anyone have any recommendations for a self-hosted podcast player? I’d love something like TTRSS or FreshRSS, but for . Plex can handle it but the experience is a bit rubbish. Just trying to move away from iCloud syncing my podcasts towards something a bit more respecting of .

@chris so you need a desktop client? Look at #gpodder and its features (as 2019)

I DO NOT use this client, just their sync and backup server, btw it could be what you are looking for


@xosem @AntonioVinas I’ll check it out! I really wanted mobile clients too- I like having sync between devices, but don’t like having apple know what I’m syncing and listening to etc and would rather self host the back end.

@chris I actually use #antennapod (android, synced with gpodder). I must say they (both) could do a better job with their integration IMO, but for the basic purposes: it works.


@xosem @AntonioVinas I think podcasts in general could be handled better to entice the conscious crowd- not sure I like a future where people equate podcasts with Spotify/ Apple etc rather than something as open as it is accessible. I’m an iOS user, so not sure gpodder would work for me. Seems like there is a gap in the market for this! Cheers for the suggestion though!

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