I’m messing about with different options for updating my Kodi setup. Plex integration is a bit of a headache - the official Kodi Plex plugin hasn’t been updated in a long time. Enter…PlexKodiConnect. I’m just experimenting at the moment, but I think this has huge potential- it makes my media look so beautiful!


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@chance I bought Toot! and Mast. For me, Toot! is far superior.

Is it just me, or is Brid.gy acting up at the moment? All the posts I've published today have totally failed to POSSE out to Mastodon...I've re-enabled my Mastodon account in the service but still no dice. It could be because of the templates I've been making for syndication of notes and blog posts recently, but I guess it's a problem to look into and try and solve later. cshire.xyz/2020/07/31/2020-07-

It took several days, but I finally wrestled a Broadlink IR sensor into Home Assistant. In an effort to actually write some documentation of projects I noted my process in a post. Maybe it'll help someone...likely it'll just be for me when I inevitably try to remember what I did in the future! cshire.xyz/importing-a-broadli

I’m looking for more things to feed my feed reader! Has anyone got any suggestions? Or little personal tips and tricks people are using RSS for? Interested to hear!

Networking is HARD!

I'm trying to get some of my network traffic permanently going through a network-wide VPN connection. I actually have that set on my Edgerouter with a network group of devices...but they then can't access my locally self-hosted applications which are _not_ going through the VPN! I know it's not a port forward issue...at best guess it's a DNAT issue...and it's driving me nuts.

Not entirely sure why, but suddenly apps are not connecting to my mastodon instance...awesome. Connections are just timing out but the web interface works fine...Given the articles I've seen recently about and reading the experience of @jbauer I'm immediately wondering about migration. I'll leave it a few hours and hope it's just my VPS having issues or the tech Gods decide to impart blessings.

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Bitwarden, my password manager of choice, has published their latest security audit.

Read about the Bitwarden commitment to security.


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Stop mirroring your Twitter account to the fediverse, especially these retweets of a single picture without any caption or comment.

We used to say the Web had shrunk to four websites where people posted only screenshots from the other three, let's not add a fifth one to that dumpster fire.

Getting the u-syndicated microformat embedded into posts in a way that isn't irritatingly manual has pushed me towards a total hack-job solution...but it seems to work.: cshire.xyz/my-ridiculous-workf

How are people with static sites adding their syndicated content? I can use brid.gy to automatically POSSE a post to Mastodon, but I’m not crazy about the idea of then manually adding the POSSE’d links to my posts and republishing the site - Are there any utilities to fetch the POSSE’d URLs from Brid.gy/ RSS feed etc that can be embedded in a Hugo generated page?

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I read more about #AMP for #email. There's plenty of articles on why this is bad, too, just like AMP for sites. Have at it! 🙂


Getting the last pieces of the Webmentions puzzle sorted to better integrate IndieWeb tech into my site!: cshire.xyz/pushl-and-brid.gy-i

Using this post as a test to see if responses are working between Brid.gy and my site…All of this is rather harder than I initially realised!

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This is the kind of website I strive to design one day poolside.fm #retro

Does anyone have any recommendations for a self-hosted podcast player? I’d love something like TTRSS or FreshRSS, but for . Plex can handle it but the experience is a bit rubbish. Just trying to move away from iCloud syncing my podcasts towards something a bit more respecting of .

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If you're thinking of paying for #hey email, go for @protonmail instead.

It's cheaper, more private, and hosted outside US.

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