Three principles for remote, online teaching I have considered over the past few weeks during the related school closures.

I’m sure there are lots of other considerations, but this is just some observations!

Just updated to the latest Mastodon version. Honestly I was expecting it to break horribly and I would declare my experiments in the fediverse pretty much over...worked fine! Official documentation on the site, as well as the release upgrade instructions on GitHub, made it a breeze!.....noice!

Teaching remotely during is a challenge! However, in their rush to embrace the most convenient tools possible, many institutions are ignoring the of this case children.

It’s great to see that solutions like BigBlueButton exist- free for all and open source! My students have found it great for remote lessons.

Open source is catching up in the ease-of-use arena, but is it ever going to be enough to convince administrators and teachers....

If anyone knows a super simple way of integrating webventions in Hugo let me know…because I am all out of ideas!

The new features available in Nextcloud look amazing…the fact that you can have the power of this software for free and without being dictated to by corporate interests is mind blowing! It’s nice to have some technology news that’s actually positive for a change!

Will definitely be upgrading my instance…

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Say 👋 to Nextcloud Hub, a big change for Nextcloud!
🗄 Files - workspaces, file locking
🤖 Flow - automates boring tasks
📝 Built in office
📅 Calendar 2.0: Talk meetings, busy view
📩 Mail 1.0 recognizes itineraries
🗣 Talk brings replies
And much more!

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It wouldn’t be the December holiday without a thousand blogs detailing their resolutions or to-do list for the next year! So here’s mine…

Integrating Collabora Online Server into your Nextcloud install is fiddly, but surprisingly achievable! It's not quite perfect yet...but it's a totally workable, privacy-respecting replacement for Google Drive on your own Nextcloud instance.

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When the New York Times asked what individuals can do to take back control of their data, ProtonMail was one of the first responses. ProtonMail frees you from spying and the misuse of your data.

Hello World!

I'm an international educator interested in tech, open source software and various other bits and bobs. I decided to host my own Mastodon instance...Can't wait to see where this leads!


A personal Mastodon server. If we're going to decentralise the web and wrestle some control back from the corporations who monetise our data, projects like this needs to be supported!